Ceph’s two-region design is also impractical as writes are only supported on the master, with no provision to block writes on the slave. In a worst case scenario, such a configuration can corrupt the cluster. Another drawback to Ceph is security.
Ceph is a “unified, distributed storage system designed for excellent performance, reliability and scalability.” (source: ceph.com). It is an open source software project to build scale-out storage that meets all of the above requirements for both block and object storage for OpenStack.
When a Ceph client reads or writes data (i.e., called an i/o context), it connects to a storage pool in the Ceph cluster. The Ceph pool dictates the number of object replicas and number of PG’s in the pool. In a Replicated storage pool, Ceph defaults to making 3 copies of an object with a minimum of two copies clean for write operations. If two

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